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Rocket Balloons Affiliate Program | Rocket Balloons As Seen on TV

Rocket Balloons is another top contender for highly converting offers. The success is evident due to the fact that over 1 million Rocket Balloons units have been sold. What are you waiting for? Just hop on our Rocket Balloons affiliate program and start making $$$. This affiliate program comes 4 image banners and an HTML creative. Best for kids, toys, parents, household and gift related websites. The value for money out performs other affiliate offers. Rocket Balloons come with amazing special offers and bonus items like getting 75 reusable Rocket Balloons, dual action pump, 2 Helicopter Balloons and 2 Jet Racers.

Rocket Balloons Affiliate Program

Other Rocket Balloons affiliate program features are:

Payout Level:

30.00%/sale and 30.00%/sub sale

Countries Targeted:

All Countries

Campaign Expiration Date:


The Rocket Balloons affiliate program image banners come in different sizes of 125 x 125, 120 x 600, 300 x 250 and 728 x 90.

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About Rocket Balloons

What makes Rocket Balloons such a great toy is its simplicity. Rocket Balloons come in vibrant shades of pink, yellow, green, orange, red and blue. When charged with the Two-Way Action Pump they will grow up to 36 inches in length. Every Rocket Balloons has a specially designed neck that funnels the escaping air into a thrust producing a plume of air that launches them high into the sky. Watch them soar above houses and trees as they whine and buzz while filling the sky with color. Hear the rocket shriek and see it jump as the pneumatic thruster gives out its final push before the Rocket Balloon floats back to earth ready to be recharged for the next flight. Rocket Balloons can be used in-doors and out. Their soft rubber tips mean no marks or chips on walls and no broken windows.

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Billy Mays Dead at 50 | AsSeenOnPCNetwork Mourns Billy Mays Death

This is a small tribute to late Billy Mays (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009) who died in his Tampa, Florida home early Sunday. He was responsible for pitching some of the highly sold “As Seen on TV” products like Oxiclean, Zorbees, Mighty Putty, Big City Sliders and more. 

Billy Mays (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009)

Billy Mays (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009) is saddened by the loss of Billy Mays who was seen as one of the top pitchmen direct marketing industry has ever witnessed. Our team will continue to market Billy Mays “As Seen on TV” sensations, but now without him…

RIP Billy Mays

Bendaroos™ Affiliate Program | Bendaroos™ As Seen on TV

Bendaroos™ is a non-stop fun for kids and already a big hit. Bendaroos™ affiliate program offers targeted email, image and text marketing samples that are sure to convert. The usability and price point of just $19.95 (plus p/h) are its main selling factors. This offer is geared towards kids, toys, parents, household and gift related websites. Below are the Bendaroos™ affiliate program features:

Payout Level:

$9.00/sale and $9.00/sub sale

Countries Targeted:

All Countries

Campaign Expiration Date:


The Bendaroos™ affiliate program image banners come in different sizes of 468 x 60, 160 x 600, 120 x 600, 300 x 250 and 728 x 90. Get your website, blog or email account to make you easy money by simply signing in or registering (free) at

Bendaroos 300 x 250 Image Banner

Bendaroos 300 x 250 Image Banner

About Bendaroos™

Bendaroos™ are the amazing flexible building sticks. Fun, safe and easy to use kids arts and crafts toy. The Magic Wax Super String Set comes with over 500 pieces in many bright colors. The bendable string with waxy coating can be used again and again.

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Porta Book Laptop Stand Affiliate Program | Porta Book Laptop Stand As Seen on TV

The success of any product is judged by its usability and benefit factor. Porta book Laptop Stand is a “can’t live without” product for almost every person. This means Porta book Laptop Stand affiliate program has good reasons of being a top converting offer. With a $6.00/sale and $6.00/sub sale it has the potential of making more bucks than other affiliate offers. Porta book Laptop Stand affiliate comes with a combination of email, html, image banners and contextual marketing samples. The image banners come in multiple sizes of 520 x 325, 125 x 125, 120 x 600, 300 x 250 and 300 x 250. Get your Porta book Laptop Stand affiliate program links by Signing in or Registering (Free)

Porta Book Laptop Stand Affiliate-Program

About Porta Book Laptop Stand

Porta book is a lightweight multi-functional portable stand, extremely durable and is strong enough to support the weight of a laptop computer or books of various sizes. The standard Porta book has two elastic (gray and black) bands that are different in diameter with the black being thinner to hold open a book. The use of the double elastic was invented to hold a laptop computer in place or keep a book open that tends to close.

The gray and the black used together, stabilize a laptop from sliding beyond the support. Changing the elastic band fastening position to the inward or outward positioning holes found on the reverse side can easily regulate the elastic band tension. It has a characteristic formation of color deriving from the quality of material used. The base of the Porta book has a curved support border for easy, space-saving transportation and if needed, allows the placement of a laptop computer to extend over the support border for comfortable viewing adjustment.

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OVN Dog Vitamins Affiliate Program | OVN Dog Vitamins As Seen on TV Infomercial

Best summer treat for you. OVN Dog Vitamins affiliate program is a must have “money making” offer for your website. Targeted towards all the countries, it has $8.00/sale payout level. Get hold of the approved email subject lines from our panel and its all set to rock n roll. OVN Dog Vitamins affiliate program comes with some of attractive image samples of 125 x 125, 120 x 600, 300 x 250 and 728 x 90 sizes. This affiliate offer is best for pet, household and family related websites.

OVN Dog Vitamins Affiliate Program

About OVN Dog Vitamins

Anyone whose family includes a dog knows that getting Fido to take his vitamins is even harder than getting the kids to eat spinach. Rather than having to shove a horse pill down your dog’s throat or hide it in its food only to have it spit out. OVN Dog Vitamins are innovative in a sense that they can be added straight to the water bowl or poured over food. And because they come in flavors like chicken, bacon jerky, and liver, your dog would love to have them while staying healthy and happy.

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Shed Ender Affiliate Program | Shed Ender As Seen on TV Infomercial

Shed Ender could be yet another all time favorite product by the global audience. Shed Ender Affiliate Program is best for family, pets, household and seniors related websites. It carries a cool $6.00/sale and $6.00/sub sale payout offer that would definitely give your wallet a bump. It comes with an email, html, text and four different image marketing samples that are part of our highly converting materials.

Shed Ender Affiliate Program

The four image banners come in various sizes of 125 x 125, 120 x 600, 300 x 250 and 728 x 90. Simply Log in or Sign Up (Free) to get your Shed Ender Affiliate Program links now, start making some serious bucks.

What is Shed Ender?

Shed Ender is the most wanted de-shedding tool that removes shedding hair trapped in your pet’s undercoat. The specially designed head grabs and removes the loose shedding hair, revealing your pet’s shiny, healthy top coat. It will not cut the hair or hurt your pet. Now you’ll remove shedding hair before it ends up all over your house, furniture and clothes. Your pets will love it and you’ll be amazed to see how much hair was trapped in the coat.

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Bionic Hearing Aid Affiliate Program | Bionic Hearing Aid As Seen on TV

This is one of our “better health” affiliate programs with handsome payout levels. Bionic Hearing Aid affiliate program is basically targeted towards the senior citizens with hearing issues. It has a $20.00/sale and $20.00/sub sale payout value that is sure to give your bank account a lift. It is geo-targeted towards all countries. Bionic Hearing Aid affiliate program comes with four image marketing samples and an email creative with specifically approved subject lines that have enormous conversion potential.

Bionic Hearing Aid Affiliate Program

What is Bionic Hearing Aid?

Start hearing what you’ve been missing! Bionics is the technology that assists normal human functions. Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid would enable anyone to enjoy watching TV, listening to music, and more, at a comfortable level for those around you. It’s the digital hearing technology and the super convenience of a rechargeable battery that gives Bionic Hearing Aid an edge over its competitors.

But there is more! Bionic Hearing Aid comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 30 day “risk free trial” offer. Start selling as we bet Bionic Hearing Aid affiliate program will definitely uplift your $$$ levels in these tough times.

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Cocovive™ Affiliate Program | Cocovive™ As Seen on TV

Cocovive™ affiliate program is one of the top paying affiliate offers by our network. This offer is accompanied by multitude of email and image marketing samples that have highest conversion potential. Its best for social, medical or health related websites and blogs. Be sure to use the “approved” Cocovive™ affiliate program email “subject lines” that have decisive conversion value. With a buy 2 get 1 free limited time offer, it’s a now or never situation for hungry customers.

Cocovive™ Affiliate Program

About Cocovive™

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a businessman, an athlete, or even a work at home person, you definitely require some relief from daily nerve-racking routine. Cocovive™ is just the kind of remedy that certainly tops the wish lists of many. It’s a combination of all-natural ingredients like Chocamine®, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine and Vinpocetine that beat stress, improve memory and removes anxiety.

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Top 5 As Seen on TV Affiliate Offers | Popular As Seen on TV Affiliate Programs

This is your best chance!

Presenting to you our top MONEY MAKING and most wanted As Seen on TV affiliate offers. But why are these our top rated? Keep reading.

These top five as seen on TV affiliate offers are best for websites targeting household, kitchen, outdoors and garden related subjects. Some of these offers specifically target women and children, but mostly are general in nature. The price points are one of their top selling factors. As everyone loves free stuff, these affiliate offers have cool free stuff accompanying them as well.

Topsy Turvy Affiliate Program

Topsy Turvy Affiliate Program

It is one of our top 5 as seen on TV affiliate offers for many reasons. Has an impressive payout level of $7.00/sale and $7.00/sub sale with a minimum price point of $19.95. It has one of highest converting image and email based marketing samples.

Slap Chop Affiliate Program

Slap Chop - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Slap Chop has quickly become a sensation. Comes with a $10.50/sale payout and is backed by various images, email and text marketing creatives. Its impressive TV infomercial has already made it a big hit and therefore we can bet huge bucks flowing for this one as well.

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Grill Daddy Affiliate Program

Grill Daddy - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Party Ready with Grill Daddy! It’s the fastest and easiest solution for your BBQ grills. With a $10.00/sale & sub sale it’s a must have for every affiliate. Has one of the lowest selling price points of just $14.99 and also includes a beef thermometer and replacement heads.

Bug Bam Band Affiliate Program

Bug Bam Band - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Summer time is here and along with blood thirsty mosquitoes. Give your audience a must have product for outdoors and picnics. Bug Bam Band has a $9.00 sale payout and is globally targeted. Best for travelling and camping related websites.

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Swivel Sweeper Affiliate Program

Swivel Sweeper - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

It’s the new Swivel Sweeper® G2 as seen on TV. Comes at an affordable price of $19.99 and boosted by “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs with a payout level of $16.00/sale. Targeted towards cleaning, home and kitchen related websites.

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Monster 1200W™ Affiliate Program | Monster 1200W™ As Seen on TV

Monster 1200W™ affiliate program is a sanitization solution for the entire household. It comes with plethora of BONUS straight nozzle, bent nozzle, scrubbing brushes, round nylon brushes, squeegee, straight brush, measuring cup, funnel, cloth cover and clean blast solution.

Monster 1200W™ Affiliate Program

Monster 1200W™ affiliate program has an impressive payout of $12.50/sale that is definitely going to allure you. Best for kitchen, household, family and medical websites, we would definitely recommend this product for Top 10 affiliate programs for our inventory.

About Monster 1200W™ As Seen on TV

The Monster 1200 is a breakthrough in household cleaning that is the world’s first deep cleaner AND sanitizer. It can deep clean ANY surface, eliminate germs and bacteria, and even deodorize and remove odors from your home, without using dangerous chemicals or time consuming handheld cleaners.

Monster 1200W™ Demo Video

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