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The Couponizer® Affiliate Program | Couponizer® As Seen on TV

The Couponizer® affiliate program is a must have product for every family. The current recession has urged almost everyone to cut back/manage expenses and save more. The Couponizer® is the right product for such times. This makes it one of the most targeted products for your website, blog or email campaign. The Couponizer® affiliate program is backed by stunning image and text marketing samples that are bound to convert prospects into customers.

The Couponizer® Affiliate Program

Here are the components of The Couponizer® affiliate program:

Search: Yes

Email: Yes

Banner: Yes

Incentives: Yes

About The Couponizer®

Managing day to day expenses of a home is a daily test to live within your means. Will you pass, fail or just get by? The sheer number of choices at just the grocery store can overwhelm even the most careful money conscious shopper.

The Couponizer® is an organizing and shopping system for grocery coupons and other discounts including entertainment, restaurant, retail and services. It is the #1 best selling coupon organizer on the market having sold out multiple times on QVC.

A Great Time & Money Saving Gift!!!

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Grill Daddy™ Affiliate Program | Grill Daddy™ As Seen on TV

One of the greatest summertime offers is here. Introducing, the Grill Daddy™ Affiliate Program. Grill Daddy™ is the best way to clean your BBQ grill. Its one of the hottest products As Seen on TV with specially designed stainless steel bristles that clean between grill grates & surfaces. Releases steam to brush away baked-on food & grease.

Grill Daddy™ Affiliate Program

The Grill Daddy™ Affiliate Program is backed by multitude of contextual, banner and email marketing samples that are bound to attract customers. It is best for household, kitchen, women, gift ideas, shopping, and outdoor related websites. With a price point of just $14.99 backed by beef thermometer and replacement heads incentives, Grill Daddy™ Affiliate Program is a must sell offer for your blog, website or email promotion.


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Save A Blade® Affiliate Program | Save A Blade® Father’s Day Gift

Everyone wants to save money. How can you spend but still save HUGE? Introducing Save A Blade® Affiliate Program. Save A Blade® is a recommended Father’s Day gift idea geared towards men, sports, shopping and family related websites. A must have product for every family. The price point, mail in rebate and the 18-piece grooming kit are some of its selling points. Save A Blade® Affiliate Program is the best offer for the slow economy – 2009 Save Money WINNER!

Save A Blade® Affiliate Program

About Save A Blade® As Seen on TV

The easy to use Save A Blade® razor sharpener can give you up to 200 perfectly sharp, smooth shaves from a single blade. It will save you money every time you use it. For only $19.99 (Just $14.99 after mail-in rebate!) plus $7.95 shipping and handling, you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year with Save A Blade. Plus you can receive our 18-piece Grooming Kit FREE, just pay $5.95 shipping and handling.

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Slim Clip® Affiliate Program | Father’s Day 2009 Special

Introducing, Slim Clip® Affiliate Program father’s day 2009. This father’s day would definitely bring smiles to many faces. The biggest conversion factor of this ultra slim, durable and light weight valet is its price point. Slim Clip® is best for websites targeted towards men, shopping and family related subjects.

Slim Clip® Affiliate Program

About Slim Clip®

Slim Clip® is a Great Father’s Day and/or Birthday Offer 2009! It is the amazing new double-sided money clip that holds up to 30 bills on one side and up to six credit cards on the other! Slim Clip® is engineered from durable stainless steel, so no matter how much or what the abuse, you’ll have a lifetime of use, guaranteed. Slim Clip® even comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. If it ever breaks or bends, we’ll send you a brand new one for Free, no questions asked. Slim Clip® is unique due to:

As part of our special offer, you get the Slim Clip® for just $5.00

That’s because you get a second clip Free for every clip you order at the special low price of $10 plus $6.99 processing and handling, all you pay is the $6.99 processing and handling.

Each clip ordered automatically comes with a super-bright keychain light, absolutely Free!

They’re great for lighting door locks, reading menus and much more.

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Bug Bam Band Affiliate Program | Bug Bam As Seen on TV Offer

Bug Bam Band affiliate program is just the”right” product for your website, blog, email marketing campaign this summer. People would be spending much time at the beaches, pools, going hunting, camping and sporting events. This makes them an easy target for the ever lurking blood thirsty mosquitoes. Bug bam band is a “super star” remedy that says “Better than messy sprays, lotions or stinky patches”. Best for household, traveling, gardening, landscaping and camping websites.

About “Bug Bam Band” As Seen on PC and TV

No Liquids. No Mess. No Worries! Smells Like…the Outdoors!
Bug Bam Wristbands safely repel Mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects – NATURALLY! Each Bug Bam wristband is effective up to 4 feet from the wearer depending on the situation and comes in a vapor proof re-sealable bag.

Bug Bam Band Affiliate Program

All ingredients and materials have been proven non-toxic and safe for children of all ages and the product is non-irritant to the eyes and skin. The included bag is re-sealable and will extend the lifespan of the product when not in use. It will also keep the product re-usable for up to 2-years if stored in a cool re-sealable, dry place. In between use, just seal the product back in the original re-sealable bag until you’re ready to use it again. TOTAL USE TIME = up to 100 HOURS! This means if you take it out once for 10 hours and seal it again, you’ll have 90 hours left when you re-open the bag and use it again. Measures: 241.3mm (9.5 inches) long x 12mm (0.47 inches) wide. Contains: EPA/FDA GRAS approved ingredients.

So what are you waiting for?

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Aqua Globes™ Affiliate Program | Aqua Globes™ Watering Bulbs

Aqua Globes™ affiliate program is a one of the top offers “year round” As Seen on TV 2009. Check out our image as well as email creative now. Best for sites targeting subjects like indoors, home, garden and landscaping. If you’re planning a vacation, have no fear. Aqua Globes™ keeps going on an on for two weeks without any follow up. Another selling point is its tidy function. No messy corners or tables.

Official Aqua Globes™ Affiliate Program

About Aqua Globes™ Plant Watering System

Aqua Globes™ are an attractive solution for automatic houseplant watering. Fill he hand blown stained glass globes as the plant needs it. Aqua Globes™ are a great alternative to the daily chore of watering plants and an excellent choice for automatic watering while on vacation.

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As Seen On PC Network Affiliate Offers

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