Pillow Pets™ Affiliate Program by As Seen on PC Network

Here is a cute product for kids and adults alike. Pillow Pets™ affiliate program is one of the newest arrivals for this money making season. Do you have a website, blog targeting kids and family related website? Then it would be unwise not to market Pillow Pets™.

Pillow Pets

Some of the most converting features of Pillow Pets™ affiliate program:

  • You get $5.00/sale payout
  • 20 cute Pillow Pets™ for your audience
  • Your visitors save 20%

Pillow Pets™ affiliate program comes with 4 different image banners that are surely going to enjoy a good reception.

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About Pillow Pets™ As Seen On PC & TV

Pillow pets are cute, huggable pets that pop open into full size pillows. They’re soft. They’re cuddly. And they make PERFECT pillows for kids. Mom’s: your kids will absolutely love their pillow pets. You simply undo the Velcro strap and the PET pops open into a full size PILLOW. Just fold it up, reattach the Velcro, and it’s back to a cuddly animal. It’s fun and easy. Play time, sleep time, any time. Kids of all ages love their Pillow Pets. There’s a panda bear, a ladybug, a frog, a dog, a unicorn, a dolphin, a bumble bee, a turtle, and so many more. Pillow Pets are great for travel. And look, PJ’s fit right inside.

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