Butterball® Affiliate Program by As Seen On PC Network

No need to put a lot of effort selling a success story. Butter ball is one such amazing kitchen/household product. We’re introducing top converting Butterball® affiliate offer which is backed by lots of creative image banners and an email campaign sample.

Butterball® Affliate Banner

It’s best for household, home improvement, kitchen and family related blogs. Employ some out of the box marketing techniques to grab $42.00/sale payout. We know you can do it!

Top Conversion Aspects

Butterball® has cool features and punch lines that would definitely allure anyone:

–          Uses less oil than other fryers

–          90 days limited warranty

–          Cooks a 14lbs turkey in under 1 hour

–          Juiciest & tender results

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Butterball® – Official Product Description

The best kitchen appliance you will ever own. The Butter Ball cooks turkeys up to 14 lbs in less than 1 hour, with the juiciest, most tender results. It uses a third less oil than conventional turkey fryers. This means less waste and healthier, lower-fat frying. The Butter Ball is foolproof and delivers delicious results every time. Safe to use indoors, and outdoors year round.

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1 Response to “Butterball® Affiliate Program by As Seen On PC Network”

  1. 1 Raymond Norman March 5, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Good morning ; I would like to get more information about your affilliate program.

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