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ISO7X Affiliate Program by As Seen on PC Network

The New 7 Second Workout Revolution!

Here is another fitness $$$ bonanza with ISO7X affiliate program. How is it going to multiply your commission levels? Very simple:



Just 7 seconds per exercise

– Over 30 different exercises


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ISO7X As Seen on PC & TV – Build Strength, Power, Lean Muscle, Fast!

ISO7X is the breakthrough workout device that uses the power of Isometrics to build strength, power, and lean muscle faster than ever before! Isometrics is the proven way to stimulate muscle growth…FAST. Instead of using multiple reps that cause stress on your joints, the ISO7X works in a concentrated range of motion, focusing effort right on the muscle! Just activate the resistance and hold for 7 seconds to feel the power of the ISO7X. It also has a built-in calibrated strength meter so you can track your progress and measure your results

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