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Pet Zoom Nail Groom Affiliates Offer | Get $6 per Sale by AsSeenOnPC

Pet Zoom Nail Groom is one of our newest and exclusive PET targeted affiliate campaign. We’d highly recommend our valued affiliates to promote this top converting affiliate campaign, with some good returns.

Pet Zoom Nail Groomer AsSeenOnTV 2010

Pet Zoom Nail Groomer AsSeenOnTV 2010

We’re giving away $6 per sale for a product which is prolific and highly desired by nationwide households.

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Campaign Information

Pet Zoom Nail Groom affiliate campaign covers the following points:

  • 6 image banners (various sizes)
  • Globally targeted
  • $6 per sale & sub sale commission
Pet Zoom Nail Groom

Pet Zoom Nail Groom

About Pet Zoom Nail Groom

The PetZoom Nail Groom trims pet’s nails easily. This grooming tool is a specially designed nail filer that trims and smoothes your pets nails fast and without pain. There’s no mess because the protective cover catches the filings! Become your pets own professional groomer with the PetZoom Nail Groom.

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