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Smoke Relief Affiliate Program by As Seen on PC Network

No Tobacco, No Tar, No Nicotine

Smoke Relief affiliate program could be the ultimate best seller for your affiliate website. Yes, who doesn’t want to quit smoking but can’t for many reasons. If you have a health, fitness, family or household related website, then Smoke Relief affiliate program is a must for you.

Smoke Relief Affiliate Program

What does Smoke Relief has to offer?

– Amazing $23.00/sale

– Globally targeted

– Email creative

– 5 image banners of different sizes

– Highly converting approved subject lines

Its 10 day free trial offer could be the most alluring point as users are not confident of getting into new offers. Finally, the nature of the product itself has the power punch to sell big time.

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Smoke Relief As Seen on TV

Smoke Relief is an exciting alternative to smoking tobacco. It allows you to continue smoking and not EXPOSE yourself or those around you to the “BAD” effects of smoking. Smoke Relief contains no Nicotine, no Tar, no Carbon Monoxide, no Flame and no Ash at all. Try the Smart Smoking Option Today

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