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Ad Tech New York Conference November 2009 | As Seen on PC

Ad Tech conference is one the most prestigious gathering of publishers, online marketers, affiliates, CPA networks, MLM experts and other marketing specialists.

For the last 7 years, As Seen on PC has been regularly attending Ad tech conferences without any break. Due to this, Curtis Clarke (Founder/CEO As Seen on PC) and his team of experts have managed to build strong business relationships, collaborations and affiliati0ns with industry gurus and firms.

Ad Tech New York 2009 - As Seen On PC

Ad Tech New York 2009 - As Seen On PC

Curtis Clarke met business associates and partners to discuss the potentials of As Seen on TV arena and its impact on affiliate marketing. As Seen on PC works with its affiliates to create success stories and winning combinations wherever possible.

Curtis Clarke - As Seen On PC

Curtis Clarke

As Seen on PC has recently announced INCREMENTS in commissions / payouts to its affiliates. This holiday season is going to be every affiliate marketer’s dream come true. As Seen on PC is offering some of the highly prolific, most wanted As Seen on TV products with increased payouts.

Craig Amell - As Seen On PC

Craig Amell - As Seen On PC

The top affiliate offers include:

–          Perfect Brownie™ Baking Pan

–          Snuggie™ for Dogs

–          Snuggie™ for Kids

–          Designer Snuggie™

–          Snuggie Blanket™

–          Swivel Sweeper®

–          Turbo Snake

–          InStyler®

Checkout the individual posts for above products, register for free and start promoting them on your blogs, websites, portals or emails campaigns now.

Ad Tech New York 2009 | As Seen On PC Network

Excitement is just one small word to explain the upcoming event of Adtech New York 2009. Part of As Seen On PC Network’s continuous effort to engage, impart & share boat loads of affiliate marketing experience to its fans, partners, affiliates and supporters.


Curtis Clarke, (Founder/CEO) would be attending Ad Tech New York 2009 this Wed 4th & Thu 5th November 2009 with huge agenda of meeting top industry experts and giants.

Some of the keynote presenters would be Jimmy Wales (Founder, Wikipedia Co-Founder, Wikia) and Sir Martin Sorrell (Chief Executive, WPP) and others.

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