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The Pet Industry grossed forty billion dollars in 2009. Here are some campaigns that are going to give you a leg up on the competition. With just over 72 million homes in the United States owning a pet the market place for pet products is endless.

These campaigns feature exclusive offers to Affiliate/Networks only. From dogs to cats we have it all. Try these campaigns today and see your sales rise.

DogPedic™ Affiliate Offer

DogPedic™ Affiliate Offer

DogPedic™ is Giving Away $24 per Sale

Pillow Pets™ Affiliate Offer

Pillow Pets™ Affiliate Offer

Pillow Pets™ – Get $5 per Sale Commission Now!

Pedi Paws™ Affiliate Program

Pedi Paws™ Affiliate Program

Pedi Paws™ Affiliate Program $13 per Sale

$4.7 Billion Spent in Recent Holiday Shopping Week on As Seen On TV Prooducts

ComScore reports a 4% increase in record holiday season sales of retail e-commerce spending. This is part of $21 billion spent online for the months November till date. This % increase is being partially attributed to aggressive publicity/promotional activities by the retailers.

According to ComScore “Cyber Monday” is not the heaviest spending day of the year. Instead, it’s the 2nd Monday in December (the “Green Monday”). They also predicted that 14th December 2009 is going to be the heaviest online spending week on record.

People throng cyber space with orders and inquiries and this makes online marketing the only chance of getting your share of the $. The statistics would be more or less close to reality as we’ve experienced a surge in affiliate activity for popular As Seen On TV products.

We’d recommend our affiliates and partners to start promoting products that are already grossing millions. Checkout just few of the INCREASED PAYOUT affiliate programs:

Snuggie for Kids

Ab Circl Pro

Snuggie for Dogs


Amazing Flying Monkeys

We suggest promoting and cashing on this occasion as much as possible. Do checkout more than a 100 other top converting affiliate programs.

Statistics by comScore

Perfect Brownie™ | Brownie Divider Pan As Seen on TV

Perfect Brownie™ is one the coolest products As Seen on TV right now. It’s the world’s first bake, slice and serve brownie baking pan which comes at a rock bottom price of only $19.95 (plus p/h). Nobody wants their brownies to break or become out of shape. So get your’s Perfect Brownie™ baking pan kit now.

Perfect Brownie Baking Pan

Perfect Brownie™ baking pan kit includes great gifts as well. Buy now and get 10 premium decorating stencils along with gooey & chewy recipe booklet.

Perfect Chocolate Brownies

Want to make special fudge brownies with uniquely decorated toppings? Perfect Brownie ™ divider pan as seen on TV can easily help you create 18 scrumptious brownies that are PERFECT in shape and taste delicious. Enjoy family gatherings, parties or birthdays with this amazing product.

Affiliate Summit East 2009 | As Seen On PC Network

Yes, As Seen on PC Network is participating in one of the most prestigious and prolific affiliate marketing gatherings this August. We will be meeting our valued affiliates, partners and fans on the following schedule:

Meet Market ~ August 9, 2009 – Sunday – Table/booth #109


Exhibit Hall ~ August 10-11, 2009 – Monday & Tuesday Booth #2000


Click here for more information on Affiliate Summit East 2009

This is your once in a year opportunity to meet Curtis Clarke (CEO/Founder and the team behind one of the most fastest growing CPA networks.


As Seen On PC Network

Billy Mays Dead at 50 | AsSeenOnPCNetwork Mourns Billy Mays Death

This is a small tribute to late Billy Mays (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009) who died in his Tampa, Florida home early Sunday. He was responsible for pitching some of the highly sold “As Seen on TV” products like Oxiclean, Zorbees, Mighty Putty, Big City Sliders and more. 

Billy Mays (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009)

Billy Mays (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009) is saddened by the loss of Billy Mays who was seen as one of the top pitchmen direct marketing industry has ever witnessed. Our team will continue to market Billy Mays “As Seen on TV” sensations, but now without him…

RIP Billy Mays

Top 5 As Seen on TV Affiliate Offers | Popular As Seen on TV Affiliate Programs

This is your best chance!

Presenting to you our top MONEY MAKING and most wanted As Seen on TV affiliate offers. But why are these our top rated? Keep reading.

These top five as seen on TV affiliate offers are best for websites targeting household, kitchen, outdoors and garden related subjects. Some of these offers specifically target women and children, but mostly are general in nature. The price points are one of their top selling factors. As everyone loves free stuff, these affiliate offers have cool free stuff accompanying them as well.

Topsy Turvy Affiliate Program

Topsy Turvy Affiliate Program

It is one of our top 5 as seen on TV affiliate offers for many reasons. Has an impressive payout level of $7.00/sale and $7.00/sub sale with a minimum price point of $19.95. It has one of highest converting image and email based marketing samples.

Slap Chop Affiliate Program

Slap Chop - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Slap Chop has quickly become a sensation. Comes with a $10.50/sale payout and is backed by various images, email and text marketing creatives. Its impressive TV infomercial has already made it a big hit and therefore we can bet huge bucks flowing for this one as well.

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Grill Daddy Affiliate Program

Grill Daddy - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Party Ready with Grill Daddy! It’s the fastest and easiest solution for your BBQ grills. With a $10.00/sale & sub sale it’s a must have for every affiliate. Has one of the lowest selling price points of just $14.99 and also includes a beef thermometer and replacement heads.

Bug Bam Band Affiliate Program

Bug Bam Band - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Summer time is here and along with blood thirsty mosquitoes. Give your audience a must have product for outdoors and picnics. Bug Bam Band has a $9.00 sale payout and is globally targeted. Best for travelling and camping related websites.

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Swivel Sweeper Affiliate Program

Swivel Sweeper - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

It’s the new Swivel Sweeper® G2 as seen on TV. Comes at an affordable price of $19.99 and boosted by “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs with a payout level of $16.00/sale. Targeted towards cleaning, home and kitchen related websites.

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