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Flirty Girl Fitness™ Affiliate Program by As Seen On PC Network

It’s already 2010, and As Seen On PC Network is marketing heavily the ever popular sports/fitness machines and workouts. Flirty Girl Fitness™ is one such rocking affiliate offer that you shouldn’t miss out.

Flirty Girl Affiliate Banner

Flirty Girl Affiliate Banner

Its your chance to get $21 on every Flirty Girl Fitness™ sale. As always, we’ve gathered some cool affiliate marketing banners and email material, which is surely going to help you.

Added Bonuses for your Customers

Flirty Girl Fitness™ is not a traditional fitness system. Therefore, the complete package has some unconventional gifts for your customers. Market it intelligently and earn multiples of $21 per sale:

–          Booty Beat DVD

–          Chair Dance DVD

–          Bonus Workout Sexy Stretch DVD

–          Full Color Flirty, Fit and Fabulous booklet

–          FREE Bonus: Video Vixen DVD

Flirty Girl Fitness™

Flirty Girl Fitness™

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Flirty Girl Fitness™ – Official Product Description

No more boring workouts and tiresome treadmills. Lose 2 sizes & 3 inches in just 10 days. Flirty Girl Fitness™ is the new body makeover system that includes world’s exciting dance moves. From music videos to club dancing, Flirty Girl Fitness™ turns them into fast, fun, fat-burning routines that anyone can do.

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