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Shadow Boxer Affiliate Program | Shadow Boxer As Seen on PC

Shadow Boxer Affiliate ProgramWhat makes the Shadow Boxer Knockout Body System™ a must have for every health, fitness and beauty related website? Its their marketing pitch of Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Workouts!. Get your website or blog to make you $28.00/sale and multiply your earning.

Shadow Boxer affiliate program has a good collection of email and image banners of various sizes. Some of its highly converting approved subject lines are:

– Hollywood’s Secret for a Hot, Sexy Body

– Get a Knockout Body in Record Time

Shadow Boxer affiliate program is filled with crucial conversion prospects like:

– FREE shipping

– Money back guarantee

– 30 day risk free trial

This affiliate offer is bound to make your blog, email account or website a “success story” of intelligent marketing.

Shadow Boxer – Body by Jake Knockout Body System

The Shadow Boxer Knockout Body System gives you the body-sculpting and fat-burning benefits of boxing without expensive equipment or the need to go to the gym. It’s easy to use – you just slip on the Shadow Boxer belt, click in your level of resistance, and you’re ready to go

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