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Snuggie for Kids Affiliate Program by As Seen on PC Network

Snuggie Blanket, Snuggie for Dogs and now its Snuggie for Kids!

We’re offering top of the line Snuggie products that have rocked the nation. Its your opportunity to promote Snuggie for Kids affiliate program with great payout levels.  If you’ve got a blog, website or email campaign dedicated towards Snuggie products, you’re in a good position to covert incredibly.

Snuggie for Kids

Why should you promote Snuggie for Kids?

  1. $15.00/sale payout
  2. 5 different image banners
  3. Globally targeted
  4. Already a hit / highly converting offer

What gives Snuggie for Kids affiliate program an edge over others? Below are the top selling points of this affiliate program:

  1. Buy 1 get 1 free
  2. Multiple cool colors
  3. One size fits all
  4. Free hands – read, play video games or use remote control
  5. Bonus slipper socks

Use above punch lines tactfully and you’ll make a fortune.

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Snuggie for Kids As Seen On PC & TV

Now you can keep the whole family warm with Snuggie for Kids a smaller size Snuggie blanket with smaller arms so kids can stay warm and do what they want to do. Snuggie For Kids is made with super soft, thick, luxurious fleece with roomy, oversized sleeves that let kids do what they want while still being completely wrapped in warmth and comfort.

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