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Perfect Brownie™ | Brownie Divider Pan As Seen on TV

Perfect Brownie™ is one the coolest products As Seen on TV right now. It’s the world’s first bake, slice and serve brownie baking pan which comes at a rock bottom price of only $19.95 (plus p/h). Nobody wants their brownies to break or become out of shape. So get your’s Perfect Brownie™ baking pan kit now.

Perfect Brownie Baking Pan

Perfect Brownie™ baking pan kit includes great gifts as well. Buy now and get 10 premium decorating stencils along with gooey & chewy recipe booklet.

Perfect Chocolate Brownies

Want to make special fudge brownies with uniquely decorated toppings? Perfect Brownie ™ divider pan as seen on TV can easily help you create 18 scrumptious brownies that are PERFECT in shape and taste delicious. Enjoy family gatherings, parties or birthdays with this amazing product.

Cardio Cruiser Affiliate Program | Cardio Cruiser As Seen On PC

Want to earn $40.00/sale payout?

If yes then Cardio Cruiser affiliate program could be the best choice for your email, banner or website traffic. Its approved subject lines are one of its high conversion aspects. Your visitors/buyers can save $75 from the original price of $299.70 with limited time “free shipping” offer. Cardio Cruiser affiliate program has one of the most attractive banners and image creatives. Choose what suites best for your resource and start earning now.

Cardio Cruiser Affiliate Program

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More about Cardio Cruiser – Body by Jake

It is an entirely new kind of cardio workout machine designed to put you in your fat-burning ‘cruising zone’, while also giving you an energizing total body-toning workout—at the same time! Results guaranteed. Pays on every completed sale and is available for email, banner, and website traffic only.

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Tower 200 Affiliate Program | Tower 200 As Seen On PC

Turbo 200 Affiliate Program Image Banner

Turbo 200 Affiliate Program Image Banner

Get Bigger, Harder, Stronger…

It could’ve been just another fitness machine, but if a 5 times MMA champion endorses it, it must be worth trying. Tower 200 says “If you’ve got a door, you’ve got a gym”.

Tower 200 affiliate program is part of body by Jake fitness product range. It pays an amazing $29.00/sale and $29.00/sub sale. You can make a lot of bucks as it’s globally targeted with more than 6 image creatives of various dimensions. Get your health, fitness, workout, gym related websites or blogs market Tower 200 affiliate offer now!

Tower 200 affiliate program’s best conversion aspects are:

–          Its low price point

–          Free DVD & exercise chart

–          Time factor of just “11 minutes daily”

–          Free shipping + handling

–          30 days money back guarantee

So don’t keep money on the table for your competitor, get hold of Tower 200 affiliate program links and start earning big $$$.

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Tower 200 – Body by Jake – 11 Minute Killer Workout

C’mon, you can’t find 11 minutes a day? If you’re ready to get crazy, try out the mother of all workouts with our 11-minute body shredding routine, featuring Randy Couture’s MMA-inspired moves like The Warrior, The Demon, and The Freak! This stuff is insane. Tower 200 gives you 200 lbs. of explosive resistance delivered through our multi-tension power cords, and over 200 exercises that push your muscles to the max. In just seconds, the Tower 200 fits on any door in the house, office, or dorm. Plus it’s padded so there’s no messing up your door.

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Turbo Snake Affiliate Program | Turbo Snake As Seen On PC

This is one of our newest As Seen On TV & PC offers. The Turbo Snake affiliate program has all the traits of readily converting offer. Comes with 6 different image banners, 1 email creative and has a $7.00/sale and sub sale payout level.

Turbo Snake Affiliate Banner

Turbo Snake Affiliate Banner

The product performance is its biggest selling point. Turbo Snake is an everyday and every household product with a price point as low as $10.00 (s+h).

About Turbo Snake Drain Hair Removal Tool

Turbo Snake is the quick & easy way to clear slow-moving or clogged drains. Simply glide Turbo Snake down the drain, twirl and then pull out. Turbo Snake’s specially designed head grabs & locks onto hair clogs to remove and free the drain instantly.

What’s best, its flexible design easily maneuvers down the drain to seek out clogs without having to remove the drain stopper. For bathroom sinks, showers & tubs. Each set includes the Large Turbo Snake for Showers and Tubs, Small Turbo Snake for Sinks, and Peel and Stick Storage Hook.

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Affiliate Summit East 2009 Experience | As Seen On PC Network

“One of the most exciting & ever lasting affiliate summit experience to date”

Curtis Clarke, (Founder/CEO)

Attending “Affiliate Summit East 2009” was full of partnerships, contacts, meetings and collaborations among various affiliates, agencies, networks, vendors and merchants. As Seen On PC Network, which is quickly growing its affiliate base, met face to face with its fans, partners, affiliates and hundreds of new prospects.

Affiliate Summit Attendies Breakdown

Affiliate Summit Attendies Breakdown - Source

The “Meet Market” on Sunday 9th August 2009 was the busiest and the most absorbing day of the entire conference. People got the first hand experience of going through the “up-coming” As Seen On TV affiliate offers which are soon to be marketed by As Seen On PC Network.

Affiliate Summit East 2009 Booth

Affiliate Summit East 2009 Booth

The reception for notable As Seen On TV products like Snuggie Blanket, Iron Gym, Perfect Brownie, ShamWoW and others was overwhelming. As Seen On PC Network was engaged heavily with prospects and fans from 12pm – 6pm.


The Real Show

The “Exhibit Hall” on Mon 10th and Tue 11th August 2009 was the true affiliate extravaganza. As Seen On PC Network met companies, signed up new affiliates, cross publishing networks and more. Our team and experts pushed up top performing programs like the P90X, Perfect Brownie, Turbo Snake, Instyler, Snuggie Blanket and the upcoming range of:

–          Snuggie for kids

–          Snuggie for NFL

–          Designer Snuggie

–          Snuggie for dogs

–          College Snuggie

As Seen On PC Network is back with full affiliate valor, with new offers, products and above all HIGHEST PAYOUTS!

Smart White Teeth Affiliate Program | Smart White Teeth As Seen On TV

Warning for Health & Beauty related websites!

Smart White Teeth affiliate program is seriously going to upsize your earnings with this promising product. Guaranteed to convert, Smart White Teeth affiliate program is paying $33.00/sale payouts, one of the highest in our affiliate commission inventory. This is backed by multiple and attractive image banners of different sizes.

Smart White Teeth Affiliate Program

Smart White Teeth Affiliate Program

The biggest selling factor is Smart White’s affordable price point. Your customers can get a free trial for just $9.99 S&H. Already a successful product, Smart White affiliate offer is a must have for your website, blog or email marketing campaign.

The fast & easy way to brilliant white smile!

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P90X Workout Affiliate Program | P90X Workout As Seen On TV

No Machine, No Gimmicks & No Excuses!

P90X Workout Affiliate Program

P90X Workout Affiliate Program

P90X workout affiliate program is part of our moneymaking health & fitness inventory. Your highly trafficked blog or a website is missing top revenue opportunity if it isn’t marketing P90X workout system. Guaranteed to give your wallet a boost with its top payout level and sub sale with highly attractive email and image banners.

P90X workout affiliate program targeted towards all the countries and comes with targeted subject lines for your email campaign as well.

With a 90 day money back guarantee and a moderate price point, P90X workout system would be an instant seller. So don’t wait, start earning now.

P90X Workout As Seen On TV

P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. Comes with:

–          12 muscle pumping workout DVDs

–          A comprehensive nutrition plan

–          A detailed fitness guide

–          A calendar to track your progress

–          Online peer support

Get your P90X workout system in just 3 payments of $39.95 plus s&p.

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