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Daily Affiliate Offers by As Seen On PC

Give your customers products they wont find anywhere else! The following campaigns are Exclusive Campaigns for AsSeenOnPC affiliates/networks only. Get these offers direct from AsSeenOnPC and guarantee yourself the top payouts found anywhere on the web. With custom designed landing pages, banners and email creatives these offers are sure to increase sales for any affiliate. These campaigns feature a minimum of 100,000 dollar a week media budgets.

Please note that this email has limited hyper links and no images due to current filter programs. If you would like more information or creative art on any of our please email or call us (203.256.9897) if you have any questions or are looking for a specific product. Here are the details:


Exclusive Campaigns


Pillow Pet – It’s a Pillow. It’s a Pet. It’s a Pillow Pet!

CPS: 6.00

Pillow pets are cute, huggable pets that pop open into full size pillows. Theyre soft. Theyre cuddly. And they make PERFECT pillows for kids. Moms: your kids will absolutely love their pillow pets! You simply undo the Velcro strap and the PET pops open into a full size PILLOW! Just fold it up, reattach the Velcro, and its back to a cuddly animal. Its fun and easy!


Health and Beauty”

Curactin – All In One Acne Treatment – Skin Cream Beauty Health AsSeenOnTV

CPS: 25%

Curactin is a 100% organic matrix that uses mineral-rich clay, botanicals and antioxidants that your skin craves to draw out dirt and bacteria in just one step! Unlike other over-the-counter acne treatments, youll be able to see AND feel Curactin working in just 7 days!



Dead Sea Psoriasis Cream – EXCLUSIVE to AsSeenOnPC – Converts Well Year Round

CPS: 12.50

Miracle of Aloe’s Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Cream helps to relieve the pain and itchy scaling associated with the common disease of Psoriasis. Awesome proven ingredients like Aloe Vera and Genuine Dead Sea Salts make this a proven seller.



Grill Daddy – As Seen On TV – Great Summertime Offer!

CPS: 10.00

Grill Daddy – The Best Way to Clean your BBQ Grill. As Seen On TV. Specially designed stainless steel bristles clean between grill grates & surfaces. Releases steam a water as you brush away baked-on food & grease.



Better Hearing 4 Less – “See and hear the Benefits of the Hearing Amplifier!”

CPS: 11.00 See and hear the benefits of the number one Hearing Amplifier Hear the QUIETEST whispers Listen to the FAINTEST phone conversations Watch TV with the volume LOW CLEARLY hear conversations in a crowded room.



ColonXtraCleanse – Exclusive The Best Offer! “AsSeenOnTV”

CPS: 28.00

This all-natural herbal formula has changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives through gentle and effective whole body safe and effective internal cleansing. ColonXtra Cleanse is a two-part system and is formulated to maximize one’s elimination without causing loose stools or uncomfortable cramping.


Please take note that running PPC Search without approval can warrant losing your affiliate status!!!

Contact us today if you are interested in a specific campaign or would like to find out more information about one of our other offers.

Top 5 As Seen on TV Affiliate Offers | Popular As Seen on TV Affiliate Programs

This is your best chance!

Presenting to you our top MONEY MAKING and most wanted As Seen on TV affiliate offers. But why are these our top rated? Keep reading.

These top five as seen on TV affiliate offers are best for websites targeting household, kitchen, outdoors and garden related subjects. Some of these offers specifically target women and children, but mostly are general in nature. The price points are one of their top selling factors. As everyone loves free stuff, these affiliate offers have cool free stuff accompanying them as well.

Topsy Turvy Affiliate Program

Topsy Turvy Affiliate Program

It is one of our top 5 as seen on TV affiliate offers for many reasons. Has an impressive payout level of $7.00/sale and $7.00/sub sale with a minimum price point of $19.95. It has one of highest converting image and email based marketing samples.

Slap Chop Affiliate Program

Slap Chop - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Slap Chop has quickly become a sensation. Comes with a $10.50/sale payout and is backed by various images, email and text marketing creatives. Its impressive TV infomercial has already made it a big hit and therefore we can bet huge bucks flowing for this one as well.

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Grill Daddy Affiliate Program

Grill Daddy - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Party Ready with Grill Daddy! It’s the fastest and easiest solution for your BBQ grills. With a $10.00/sale & sub sale it’s a must have for every affiliate. Has one of the lowest selling price points of just $14.99 and also includes a beef thermometer and replacement heads.

Bug Bam Band Affiliate Program

Bug Bam Band - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

Summer time is here and along with blood thirsty mosquitoes. Give your audience a must have product for outdoors and picnics. Bug Bam Band has a $9.00 sale payout and is globally targeted. Best for travelling and camping related websites.

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Swivel Sweeper Affiliate Program

Swivel Sweeper - Top 5 Affiliate Offers

It’s the new Swivel Sweeper® G2 as seen on TV. Comes at an affordable price of $19.99 and boosted by “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs with a payout level of $16.00/sale. Targeted towards cleaning, home and kitchen related websites.

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